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What You Need to Know About Inositol NF-12.0

What You Need to Know About Inositol NF-12.0

What is inositol NF-12?

Inositol NF12 or cyclohexanhexol is a substance that was once classified as part of the vitamin B family. It is naturally present in human, animal and plant cells. A biological process in the human body, such as insulin signaling, cholesterol reduction, nerve signal, control of estrogen and serotonin levels, in addition to promoting healthy hair growth. Examples of foods rich in inositol are cereals, beans, fruits and nuts.

Inositol is commercially available as an additive in the form of a pill or tablet, but it is produced as a white crystalline powder that is soluble in water and is very sensitive to strong light and high temperature.

It’s bad. What specific benefits can I get from eating foods that contain inositol?

Since it is found naturally in the body, studies have been carried out on the use of inositol as a safe ingredient for various health products in order to maximize its functions in the human body. Inositol dose for anxiety is currently used in medicine as a treatment for several health conditions, such as insulin resistance, hyperandrogenism and, in some cases, clinical depression and other psychiatric conditions are also considered to be calming in the human nervous system.

problems of hair loss

Aesthetically, the promising effects of inositol are taken into account to solve the problems of hair loss, eczema and hypercholesterolemia. When added with other substances such as choline, it produces another substance called lecithin, which helps the body produce healthy cells in the liver, heart and brain.

How much inositol can I take per day?

The danger to the toxicity of inositol is almost impossible. This substance is soluble in water, therefore accumulation in the body is avoided. Since inositol is a natural substance similar to vitamins in the body, the risk of toxicity does not pose a threat. A person who eats a lot of foods rich in inositol mood can have an average of 1000 milligrams of inositol per day. And since there is no recommended daily allowance or RDA for inositol mood, you can take up to 50 grams without worrying about any side effects.

Are there any reported negative effects that indicate inositol supplementation?

As with any drug, the possible side effects of inositol were indicated, but they are only true if taken in inadequate amounts. Some of the common side effects include nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea and rash. These are only short-term effects and are relatively manageable conditions. Since there are many inositol supplements to choose from, it is better to know which one is the best to achieve optimal health benefits.