Choosing to buy a new gazebo canopy replacement covers 10×12 and replaces the current one

gazebo canopy replacement covers

There’s the gazebo lying outside in your yard, without any canopy because original one came with a gazebo is torn and ripped after several years of use, and frame is in excellent condition even today. What will you do? You may either throw away the gazebo or shell out $500, or $1,000 for the new gazebo or you can buy the replacement canopy cover to fit to your current frame. Sure, purchasing the new gazebo might looks to be a good idea, however throwing away your old gazebo metal frame that is probably not very old to start with, isn’t eco-friendly. So, an only practical, eco-friendly, and cost efficient solution is buying the replacement canopy cover. Not just will you have the new top for gazebo frame, but also several years of fun and enjoyment for your whole family.

gazebo canopy replacement

Which canopy is best for me?

As each gazebo is different, and, are its replacement canopies. All the replacement canopies designed are made quite specific to your gazebo type. So, you can choose the standard size of gazebo canopy replacement covers 10×12. First step to determine when getting your replacement canopy cover is checking out the model number. The model number will either be manufacturer’s number or model number that retail store assigned. It is gazebo’s identification number. Model number is found on the tag on underside of your original canopy and on netting set. Instructions manual include this model number.