garden design

Oase pondovac 5 is a multi-functional vacuum cleaner that helps to clean the pool and pond using the integrated feed pump. It has a suction capacity of water up to 8,000 l/hr based on your use condition.

This is suitable for the maintenance of the pool and pond without any interruption in your work. Using this vacuum cleaner, you can remove algae and sludge easily and without any trouble. The maximum suction depth of this device is about 2.5 meters, with 1700 watts of motor performance. As it carries a high-powered suction motor, you can clean your pool and pond without any interruption in a short time.

The chassis wheel attached to the vacuum allows it to function normally without any trouble, even if you are working with dirty pools. Oase pondovac 5 is an advanced technique that has pumps with it to maintain the water circulation in the pond and maintain a clean living environment for you and your pets.

garden design

If you are looking for the best device that is suitable for you to clean your garden pool or pond, it is the best suitable device. You can buy it from an online store and enjoy a clean environment for your child and pet.

Your pool often requires maintenance due to leaves and branches in it. In this case, a modern technique vacuum cleaner allows you to clean your pool or pond without having to strain yourself. It is a time-saving feature with an impressive design and many benefits. Buy the long-lasting, high-quality pool or pond cleaning vacuum now and enjoy clean surroundings.