Advantages and Disadvantages of TikTok Applications in the Modern World

Advantages and Disadvantages of TikTok Applications in the Modern World

In the digital era, a lot more applications developed and used in smartphones, and in those TikTok is one of the most demanded and famous social media platforms that attract many to spend their valuable time. TikTok is not a brand new application where it is a combination of existing apps such as and Douyin.Whenever new things or new technology-oriented products emerge then the debate will start whether it is good to use them frequently or not. Some of them may argue it is not good for the youth and kids and some of them claim it is greatly supported for money benefits. This debate could not stop until it exists. In this article, let us discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of the usage of the TikTok application.


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Fun and Entertainment:TikTok is one of the best smartphone applications that help users to make fun and entertainment. The various options available in the app make fond of it by users. A variety of videos belonging to dances, sketches, comedies will attract and amuse the people including the kids.

Network Development:This app falls under the category called social network application where the users can form a people network by making new connections with friends circle. Some of the people feel like to come out to join in the social network hence smartphone application TikTok supports them to build the same without any hesitation. The app featured a chat box where the users and audience can share thoughts and feelings and can make a lot of friends.

Earning Source: it should be acceptable that the many creators in the TikTok industry are being celebrities and they are accounted as high-paid persons. Usually, the business people will focus only on the celebrities to market their products and their brands to improve their sales. This app is the potential platform to create many celebrities.


Recording videos and sharing among the common people generally will affect the privacy of the people, especially the kids. Also, there are the chances to use those videos for malicious purposes by unknowns. Since the app is enabled with the chat options anyone can comment seeing the respective videos. If those comments are being negative then the users may feel sad and insecure too.

This app can be downloaded and used on smartphones through Apple and Google App Store. Sometimes people may download tiktok videos from the app if they are interested.

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