Salient Features Of Open Electricity Market Singapore

Salient Features Of Open Electricity Market Singapore

Here are many features of the open electricity market that was introduced by Singapore. Though its ulterior motive was to bring about competition in the electricity business and also get the creativity out. This was what happened with the consumers being benefited from it as well. SO, here are some of the features of the open electricity market singapore.


Make sure to go through all the retailer’s prices and plans before making the switch. It is also not necessary to switch within a period. You are free to switch whenever you want, so ensure that you have the right plan in hand before making the switch. Though the electricity will be provided by the same group, the price you will have to pay will vary with the plan.


You can also have rebates if you are eligible for them. Rebates are rhetorical discounts offered by the electricity retailers in Singapore. Normally paid as a discount, return or refund, but it can be used to produce an offset on your monthly bill. Make sure to learn more about it along with the terms and conditions of its use before going for it.

Billing Arrangements

If you make a switch to a different retailer under the open electricity market Singapore, then the billing system will also change. You will receive two bills monthly. One is by your retailer for electricity consumption. And the other is from the SP group for all the non-electricity utilities that you have consumed through the month. Non-electricity includes power like water and waste collection.

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