How much does an international courier cost?

How much does an international courier cost?

Gone are the days when international shipping from India was a chore; now you can shop in your favorites Indian stores while sitting back and relaxing! We at garudavega international courier handle everything else!  Can you send medicines from India to the United States via courier?  You certainly can. As it falls under the category of Special Items for Export, courier packages containing medicines from India to the United States would require the original prescription and the invoice for Clearance.

You would also have to pay a Special Clearance Fee for the extra care and handling of such packages. But rest assured that you will receive high-quality services and prompt delivery. What is the most cost-effective way to send document couriers from India to the United States? The best option for cheap document courier to the USA would be to use our Student Special Offer, which sends academic document couriers at the lowest possible shipping rates and in just 3-6 days.

Packing and make-up:

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 Every parcel must be packed and closed in accordance with the weight and nature of the contents, as well as the mode of transport and the length of the journey; the packing and closing must protect the contents so that they are not damaged by pressure or repeated handling; and it must also be impossible to tamper with the contents without leaving an obvious trace of violation.

If a parcel must be transported over long distances or undergo numerous transshipments or handlings, it must be securely packed. The parcel should also be protected from significant changes in climate, temperature, or, in the case of conveyance by vehicle, both.

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