Spa in San Antonio, TX: A Relaxing Experience

Spa in San Antonio, TX: A Relaxing Experience

Let’s break away from everything, recharge your body with new energy, and come home fresh and energy.

Get a variety of professional treatments from skilled staff to the highest standards in luxurious treatment rooms to give you a relaxing experience for body and mind.

At the spa in San Antonio, TX,you can have a unique and refreshing experience of pampering from various massages, an oil bath that renews the skin and mind, a calm and relaxation room, professional and courteous therapists, and unforgettable enjoyment of peace.

In the spa, you will find the calmness and harmony of the body and mind that you have always dreamed of. You can escape the noise of the city and the daily worries. Inner peace, light, music, and the unique approach of the staff, will allow you to feel a personal attitude to everyone.

In addition to various types of massage, the spa has a jacuzzi with hydromassage and a pito sauna. After the first treatment, you will feel the positive effect of the procedures and will want to come again. Regular spa treatments will make the body not only prettier but also healthier.

The massages


classic massage in oil from head to toe. Imparts a sense of calm and comfort. Helps stimulate circulation and relieve muscular and mental stress states.


A massage that combines several treatment techniques. The basis is Swedish massage and, in addition,methods according to the areas of specialization of the therapist.

Deep tissue (medical)

A deep and focused treatment method for releasing and focusing on stress points in the back and back areas of the legs.


Reflexology teaches us that the feet are a reflection of the whole body. The treatment combines compressions and massage of the feet that improves the blood supply to parts of the body and helps relax muscles and relieve tension.

Hot stones

Treatment from the native American tradition combines massage with hot basalt stones that dissolve every tension in the body. A gentle, experiential, and pampering massage combines hand contact massage.

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