What kinds of trophies and awards are there?

What kinds of trophies and awards are there?

From low-cost participation trophies to championship trophies, sports trophies are available in forms, sizes, and styles to fit any budget. Medals, dog tags, and bag tags are the least expensive awards. Depending on the quality and quantity of customization or engraving you desire, they can cost anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars apiece by acustom trophy maker.

Economy trophies

Economy trophies are the next level of sports team honors. These trophies are basic in design, consisting of a tiny marble base (2” x 3”), a figure, and sometimes a column. They are commonly known as cheap trophies, affordable trophies, or entry-level trophies. There are no felt cushions on the marble base, and the personalized trophy tag can be printed rather than carved by a custom trophy maker. When purchased separately, these basic awards range in price from around three dollars in number to eight or nine dollars each.

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Participation trophies

Participation trophies are a higher level of recognition. Participation trophies usually include a plastic figure in the shape of a sports team member or an emblem of the sport or activity, as well as a column made of wood, marble, or plastic between the trophy figurine and the base, or the trophy figurine may get placed directly on the foundation.

Resin trophies

Resin Trophies come in lifelike realism and a variety of intriguing designs. Because resin trophies get produced from petroleum-derived materials, their values fluctuate with the price of oil. They cost anything from 5 to 15 dollars.


Plaques come in a range of shapes and sizes. Sports plaques have a sports emblem placed on the plaque as well as a space for individual inscriptions. The cost of a plaque varies from 7 to 30 dollars, depending on the size and quality of wood available.

Championship trophies

Plaques are available in a variety of forms and sizes. Insert sports plaques that feature a sports logo as well as an area for personalized writing. Picture plaques and photo plaques provide a place for the team photo and an engraved plate for personalization. A plaque might cost anywhere from 7 to 30 dollars, depending on the size and grade of wood available.

Perpetual trophy

The perpetual trophy is a sort of championship trophy that gets used for an annual award. These trophies, sometimes known as traveling trophies, are generally huge. They are used to memorialize a recurring event, usually once a year, and they mention the award recipient and the year the individual won the event.

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