Bashir Dawood, An Active Philanthropist

Bashir Dawood, An Active Philanthropist

Medicine has always been one of the top careers and fields in the world. Education in medicine is necessary as quality education would mean better doctors and specialists in the future. You’ll get to know about a man who has contributed a lot towards better education and disaster relief.  Let us discuss him in detail.

Who is he? 

Bashir Dawood is an active and famous philanthropist belonging to the Dawood family and is known for his contributions to education, medicine, and disaster relief. He promotes a transparent and error-free business culture along with teamwork and open communication at Dawlance.

Contributions made

He has done many things that are proved very effective, a few of them being listed below:

  1. In the 2000s, two major earthquakes and floods hit Pakistan, resulting in the deterioration of a lot of things like livelihood, structures, etc., in Pakistan. During that time, the Dawood foundation was a major contributor to the relief program supported by Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood.
  2. As the population keeps increasing and there is a bulk of youth who needs quality education in Pakistan, the Dawood’s have helped create an environment of quality education and facilities in Pakistan.

They have also helped in the medical field as they helped integrate a variety of surgical facilities in the Aga khan hospital, Karachi. They also contributed to the development of the first organ transplant center in Pakistan. Besides many contributions, they helped people and the society for the development.

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