About small business general liability insurance

About small business general liability insurance

Small business general liability insurance is the one which protects your company or business from advertising injury claims, property damage, Bodily injury claims and personal injury claims.These types of claims can cause harm to the success and the reputation of the business.So as the owner of the business you need plumbing insurance to protect the business from such types of damages. Single accident of such claims can change the economy of the business and the damage might be your financial abilities. This causes the loss of livelihood of the owner of the company, then liability insurance comes in to save from such incidents if the owner has done insurance for his company previously.

How the general liability insurance applies

Generally small business general liability insurance covers the pay for the third party damages like Slip and fall injuries. The cost of the insurance depends on various factors like type of business, location of your business, the total number of employees, and the risk factor involved in the business. General commercial liability insurance covers the insurance for the protection against the law liability for those law provides the money as well as remedies. This insurance is called third party insurance as it claims between the insurer and insured by a third party caused by the insured related acts. This insurance typically covers the court cost and legal expenses that are required to defend the case. This insurance covers the amount of the policy limit. There are some exceptions for the general liability insurance and it won’t cover some fields like

  • Pollution
  • War
  • Expected injuries
  • Aircraft or watercraft
  • Liquor liability
  • Worker compensation
  • Mobile equipment
  • Damage to the property

This insurance does not cover the persons or companies with unnamed ventures. Only joint ventures are declared in this policy for claiming.

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