air scrubber

Generally, air scrubber product is utilized to remove any micro particles in the air like bacteria, mold, virus, or anything. As it contains high powered turbine blower which delivers up to nine thousand cubic meters of air exchange within an hour, it can able to make a cyclone effect forcing air in the upward direction. Thus, it creates the downwards draft back in the direction of the machine further improving its particle extraction capabilities. Filtration is the core duty of every air scrubber thus many commercial units have such air scrubbers in their industries for the accurate filtration process.

Characteristics and benefits of air scrubber:

The best brand of scrubber usually contains the motor capacity of 220 V, 60 Hz, and 1.2 KW along with the air flow capacity of 9000 cubic meters per hour. It offers a wonderful filtration process to filter out the unwanted micro particles in the air. There are three types of filters in this air scrubber such as pre-filter, carbon filter, and 2×8 combs of MERV 16 filters. The pre filter catches the large sized particles like dust and hairs.

When considering the second carbon filter, it helps neutralizing the wide spectrum of the harmful particles and gases such as formaldehyde (HCHO), odor, TVOC, toluene, etc. Next, there are 2×8 combs of MERV 16 filters in a single machine which uses ultra top grade MERV 22 rated filters which helps maintaining the extremely clean air to give the higher output. These filters remove ultra fine particles at 0.3 microns with the 99.999 % higher efficiency.  Such micro particles include spores, mold, virus, bacterial, and any other harmful particles.