Things One Should Know About Hong Kong Incorporation Services

Things One Should Know About Hong Kong Incorporation Services

The AOI, Articles of Incorporation is the very first document needed to be filed with an apt government agency, generally the Secretary of the State, for a business entity to obtain legal identification as the corporation.

Establishing a firm in HK is quick and digital.

The procedure is 100% digital and online. The e-documents could easily be provided pretty quickly via the trustworthy reliable system of hong kong incorporation services.

Free Complimentary services

  1. The Annual Return filing
  2. The E-Co. documents- The Incorporation documents as for the Business Registration Certificates, & Certificate of Incorporation, etc.
  3. The Legal documents- Partnership Agreement, NDA, Employment Agreement, etc.
  4. The compliance alert of the company- Don’t miss an essential filing date again
  5. The Business Tax Consulting
  6. The Company Compliance Guideline
  7. The Capitalization Table– Platform for Shares management
  8. Guidelines for Equity Management
  9. The Customer support

Corporate Secretarial Services

The company secretarial services are needed to make sure that a firm complies with all the standard financial alongside the legal needs in HK that includes the very filing of yearly returns, renewing that Business Registration Certificate, detailing corporate changes to Companies Registry, and preparing the annual general meeting of the shareholders, etc.

They provide firm secretarial service to assist their clients to fulfil the statutory obligation of their firms under the HK Firms Ordinance and meet the firm registration needs set via the HK Companies Registry.

Their services include:

  • Prepping and keeping statutory records
  • Prepping and filing the returns to Companies Registry, which include corporate changes and annual returns
  • Arranging and then attending meetings of the directors alongside shareholders, and prepping minutes of the meetings
  • Opening of Bank account
  • Liquidation and dissolution services
  • Deregistration of the companies

To know further, you may look over the web and gather more info on the same.

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