Self-Storage Space Experts in Singapore

Self-Storage Space Experts in Singapore

You will find the storage units which can store anything from 2 to 200 boxes with furniture. There is a 16 sqft of space which can store items like 15 boxes of documents and books while in 65-100 sqft you can store the contents in the 3-bedroom or large flat. When you need help in choosing the right storage space, you can use the size guide for finding the right storage unit for your needs. You can find the right space as per your needs with the self storage space singapore.

Understand the storage product

Secure and Safe

Here you can get 24-hour face and card scanning technology for accessing the control. The CCTC is also the secure goods. All the goods are also been protected by the security guard. You can enjoy peace of mind.

Easy Loading

Our trolleys and loading docks will make all the personal moves very easy. We can also come and help in picking up the goods. Time is also been saved in this process.

Packing supplies

All the packaging supplies are suiting as per your needs. You can buy it and then move it. This will make the job much easier.

Free Wifi 

You will also be able to use free wifi which will stay you connected in the storage center. This will make you connected with the outer world.

Great Range of Sizes

You can ask this to the highly trained storage professionals which will suit your needs. You have to pay for space which you need.

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