Instagram – Most Popular Social Network In The World

Instagram – Most Popular Social Network In The World

Freedom of expression is the fundamental right of every human being.

The quote above is well said. Every individual has a point of view that may be a very unique way of looking at any issue. Freedom of expression is good but any expression requires two people at least, one to speak and another to whom it is spoken. This is where the medium comes in, the Social media. Social networking is the most convenient and easiest ways of expressing our views, our social state, our mental state and communicating to people like us. There are many platforms that can get take us in front of the society like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. One of the most popular and recent social media platforms these days is Instagram.

About & History

 Established in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom and later bought by Facebook, Instagram is the heartthrob of many today. The popularity of Instagram can be sketched from the fact that it has more than 500 million daily active users and over 800 million active monthly users. Users got into Instagram in huge numbers within its initial days because of the new concept of social media attracted the attention of many. An amazing image sharing platform also supported curious photographers.


Instagram has always been ahead in terms of pushing awesome features to the users. Throughout the years they have added many features like stories that feature only for 24 hours. Instagram highlights are another feature where you can add your stories as a memory forever. There are various image filters, stickers, video filters, audio filters and much more that boosts the craze of Instagram to a new height. Several short video platforms came and went but Instagram remains the most popular among them despite not being totally a short video platform. This has rewritten the concept of social media platform totally by drawing in influencers and youths and by raising their voice to the whole world.

Instagram Likes And Followers- How Be An Influencer?


Today Instagram is being used by people of all age groups to share their life socially. Instagram like all social networking platforms is a place of mass discussions on various topics. People with various viewpoints present their views on posts on related topics. Content creators, artists and influencers move on to Instagram to connect with the common people. Major brands and companies join with their customers and potential customers to get their inputs and feedbacks. This is also a platform for many startups and brands to premiere their products and services to create popularity for their products and collect potential customers for them. Major News and media companies are also present on Instagram to update their followers within a single platform. Instagram has also become a revenue generator for social media influencers for promotion of various brands and products.


Although Instagram is a huge boon to the society being an open and free space for discussion on various issues about likes at It also has some negative effects on society. As we know Instagram has a wide reach among all age groups and the promotion of a wrong product on this platform may affect its inappropriate users.

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