Why hand sanitizer is the best disinfectant?

Why hand sanitizer is the best disinfectant?

You could remember the time that supermarkets and retail shops are running out of hand sanitizers stock as people wanted to protect themselves from the pandemic COVID-19. Millions of people all around the world were affected by the virus. There is no vaccine that treats the virus, but only the high protection and hygiene helps to prevent disease. The centers of disease control and prevention (CDC) suggested that washing hands and wearing masks is the only way to control the disease. Due to this, many manufacturers provided enormous amount of hand sanitizer spray that is easy to carry and use.

Hand hygiene is most important, and that should become the regular activity to keep you and family away from virus and bacteria. Many healthcare providers suggest washing hands with soap and water as it kills all germs in the hand. But you cannot find the sink in all the places, and sanitizer acts as the best disinfectant if you use it properly.

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Also, hand sanitizer has a lot of benefits over the soap and water. It is the best alternative to wipe out all the germs. You can leave the home just with small hand sanitizer spray bottle. The hand sanitizers are very less time-consuming, you can use it easily, and they dry quickly. They do not cause any dryness on the hands.

As an individual everyone has to take step and use the right measure of liquid on their own. Sanitizer without alcohol is less effective, and if you not use it properly it does not kill germs.

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