All That You Need To Know About Shopify Review

All That You Need To Know About Shopify Review

Shopify is a web application that allows you to create your online store. It provides you with a wide range of templates that can be customized to meet individual users’ branding requirements, and it allows either physical or digital goods to be sold. One of the main ideas behind Shopify is that users without much in the way of technical or design skills can create a store without the involvement of a design agency or web developer; however, people who are familiar with HTML and CSS will be pleased to discover that Shopify allows you to edit both, giving you a lot of control over the design of templates. Because Shopify is a hosted solution, you don’t need to worry about buying web hosting or installing software anywhere; the idea is that pretty much everything you need to build and run your store happens ‘out of the box.’


Shopify was founded in Canada in 2004 by German-born entrepreneur Tobias Lütke. According to the company, Shopify has over 1,000,000 active business users, and in recent years generated over $183bn in sales. Now, without getting a mole into Shopify’s accounts department, it’s impossible to verify the accuracy of the above numbers, but it’s safe to say that shopify review is a well-established and successful e-commerce platform with a very large user base. This is important because when you choose a hosted solution to build an online store, you are placing a large amount of trust in the company providing it.


Review about Shopify

In simple terms, Shopify is an eCommerce website builder. It allows you to set up your online store and sell whatever you wish (goods and services). You can organize your products, customize the way your store looks, accept payments (online and credit cards), and track and respond to orders. You can do it all within the shopify review interface. Shopify is a fully integrated eCommerce solution that provides ready-made online shops you can tweak and customize to your heart’s content. It can be feature-heavy and out of the box, but not at the expense of drag times. Payment plans are based on monthly billing, but for anyone running a profitable store, these should quickly become negligible costs.

Using Shopify is quite intuitive and easy to grasp right from the get-go. You just have to sign up, and then you’re taken by the hand through the whole process. To begin with, you get to choose from over 100 optimized online store designs, meaning you don’t need to have design skills yourself or hire a designer. The designs that Shopify offers are top-notch and optimized to generate good conversion rates from your visitors.

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