What mask do I use to go out on the street, go to work or do the shopping?

What mask do I use to go out on the street, go to work or do the shopping?

Many authoritieshavepublished manual in which the scientific community recommends the use of hygienic masks to all healthy people who have not had contact with COVID-19. If you have not been exposed to the virus, you have not had symptoms and you are feeling well, you should use this model when you go out to walk, do the shopping or travel by public transport. Click here to know about Blank Facemasks.

Types of masks available in the market

The surgical masks

The doctor assures that they are the most recommended: The function of the surgical mask is not to infect and not to infect you, it does not matter where you use it. I would recommend it for these situations. Visit this site to know about Soccer Face Masks.

The hygienic masks

Hygienic masks can be purchased in supermarkets or pharmacies, for example. They cover the mouth, nose and chin and are provided with a harness that can be wrapped around the head or attached to the ears. They are made up of one or more layers of textile material and can be reusable or single-use.

Its effectiveness is demonstrated for four hours. After this time, it is recommended to replace it and replace it with a new one or, if it is not reusable, with another previously disinfected. In the event that it becomes damp or deteriorates before that period of time, it would be advisable to replace it with another.

The reusable masks

If it is a reusable mask, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash it and the maximum number of washes that it allows.

At the end, we need to understand that, first of all we all have to agree that in the current situation we need to wear a mask whether we like to wear or not. Then we can decide which one is the best.

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