What actually the term “Counselling”is about?

What actually the term “Counselling”is about?

If you want to know about counselling, then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about counselling. Click here for expat counsellor singapore.

What is counselling?

There are many definitions of counseling, especially since, as we will see, there are also many schools of thought in this area. But all the definitions insist on the following aspects:

– counseling is a process that requires a certain amount of time even if it is brief. It takes place over several sequences and cannot be reduced to a single intervention.

– it has effects, notably the change or improvement of the psychological state of the client.

– it is not reduced to a dual relationship but can be extended to groups. Visit this site for expat counsellor singapore.

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A situational solution

Counseling is a form of “situationist psychology”: it is the situation that causes the symptom, not the other way around. In this sense, counseling, a form of psychological and social support, designates a situation in which two people enter into relationship, one explicitly calling on the other by expressing a request to him for the purpose of treating, resolving, assuming a or problems that concern him/her. In our opinion, the expression “psychological support” would be insufficient since the fields of application of counseling, to which we devote a whole chapter, often refer to social realities which produce in themselves in individuals of a set of troubles or difficulties.

Scopes of counselling

Counselling can be helpful in the following situations to help people:

  1. In case of a bad relationship
  2. In case of a death
  3. In case of anxiety
  4. In case of stress
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