Emergency situations: The two-way radio is superior to cellular

Emergency situations: The two-way radio is superior to cellular

The cellular networks are more crucial in day-to-day life. But in most of the disaster times, modern communication fails to deal with effective communication. During the time of the disaster, the healthcare facilities, municipalities and the people in the affected area need to have reliable communication in the form of two-way radio. It might not be perfect for every day, but during emergencies, radio networks are the only means of effective communication. The Go Time Prepper providing useful information about the devices to be used in the time of emergencies.

During the natural crisis, most of the communication medium would cease working, and you will leave isolated without contact. In turn, the two-way radio has its own channels, and no one else has access to stop working the communication.

If the cellular lines get clogged up, don’t worry you could still operate with the help of two-way radio. The only thing you have to do is keep extra batteries with you, and if the batteries go down you can simply swap it out for a new one. The GoTime Prepper reveals which brand has long battery life.


Many of the people would think only with the cellular networks one could contact the person far away. Also, they assume that two-way radio works relatively in the short distance. But if you go deep you could analyze that two-way radio system can reach up to 300-miles in distance.

It allows contacting with the people far away from the immediate disaster location. Cellular devices would break easily even with a little pressure. But the two-way radios designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

For example, if the floodwater rises and cell phones fall down into the water, it would sink immediately. But the radios are made to float on the top of the water. The radios are more durable and perfect for all-natural disasters.

Also, the radios are lightweight and easy to carry around. The emergency requires a lot of moving, and the devices are so compact to carry anywhere. The above are reasons that two-way radio is a superior communication medium for crisis management.

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