Hyper Scape Guide: Compliment the Play Style

Hyper Scape Guide: Compliment the Play Style

Hacks are the unique abilities that are equipped just by finding one that is scattered across the world & interacting with it. Also, you will have 2 hyper scape aimbot well equipped any time & they are exchanged freely with other Hack just by holding an interact button & pressing corresponding button of a Hack that you wish to replace. Just like weapons, Hacks are upgraded four times. Every upgrade reduces cool down of ability and, for a few, final upgrade can increase the secondary stat.

Whereas each Hack has got it’s uses, it is very important that you consider the strengths and play style. The high mobility Hacks such as Teleport & Slam will help you to chase down the opponents with the close-range attacks such as the Mammoth, whereas Armor and Wall will help you to play safe & keep the enemies from fast overwhelming you. Most of the Hack selection generally comes down to the personal preference, however, it is very important to consider the play style and learn more in the strategy, which is complemented by the Hacks.

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Leap can send you flying up in the air, and hovering momentarily and crashing down. Whenever you land, anybody in the wide radius can be stunned & popped up temporarily in the air. The enemies can take around 30 damage.

Key for using the Leap offensively is following up with the attack whereas enemy is airborne. Mammoth shotgun is an ideal weapon for the follow up attack. Also, you are briefly stunned after the leap, thus do not leap in the multiple opponents till your team is out there to support.

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