durian musang king

Durian is a fruit that belongs to various genus Durio species of trees. Durian fruit is divisive which is thorny from the outside and bitter smell. It has a smooth creamy texture inside that has a peppery taste. This fruit is liked by those people who do not feel any inconvenience from husk and aroma. durian musang king is the most expensive fruit that has an appealing texture and taste. In many countries, this fruit is banned to carry from public transport because of its pungent smell.

Bitter Aroma Great Taste

The people who like to eat this fruit are mentally prepared to overcome this bitter aroma. They only focus on the smooth creamy goodness of the fruit. The people who don’t like the smell and look of the durian fruit claim that it is never eaten in the past. Many myths tell about the risk of eating durian fruit. It is claimed by the many researchers that it raises the cholesterol in the blood whereas it has zero cholesterol. It is forbidden to eat with many food and liquid items. Many people claim that one who eats durian with beer can go to death. Although there is no proof for this kind of claim yes it makes discomfort to the body that may spoil the metabolism. Durian fruit is generally oval that weight between two to seven pounds. Its outer shell is too thorny that can pierce the skin along with the specialty of different smells.