Duties and Role of Company Secretary in Singapore

Duties and Role of Company Secretary in Singapore

The company secretary is the compliance officer in the company. The board as well as the chairman are relying on the company secretary for advising them about their duties as per the law. The requirement of the corporate governance, compliance with the listings and legally conducting the meeting in the appropriate and timely manners are all the duties which are been handled by the company secretary Singapore.

Major Duties of Company secretary

Statutory registers Maintenance

The company secretary needs to update and maintain the statutory registers like the register of charges, substantial shareholders, members, etc. which are been prescribed in the law.

Company seal custody

The company secretary is keeping the company seal under their safe custody and using it when required.

Agenda and Notice of meetings

The company secretary is responsible for sending the notice of the meetings to the shareholders and members of the company. The company secretary is also preparing the agenda in then organizing the meetings.

Following the constitution of the company

The company secretary needs to ensure that the directors and the company are abiding by the rules which are set out by the constitution of the Company at all times.

Accounts Preparation

Company secretaries are ensuring that the preparation for the accounts is as per the provisions of company law. When prepared the company secretary will file the statements to the registrar.

Company secretary identity

The company secretary is making sure that the name of the company and its entity number is been stated on all the notices.

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