For a lot of people, car renting is done only when they’re left without any access to their car and truck. They generally rent a vehicle when they are taking train or flying somewhere for the business and pleasure. They’re forced to hire a car whenever they are in an accident, and if their car is having some service issues. Fact is, there’re a lot of other times when car renting makes a little sense.

  • You’re taking long trip with your family, and are highly worried your old minivan is not up to this task. Nothing will ruin your summer holiday faster than the car trouble. To be forced to waste your valuable time to find the reliable mechanic in a town 500miles away from home is the trying experience. You may forgo such risk by เช่ารถ avis pantip.
  • Your daughter or son just finished their first year in college and also has accumulated good amount of “stuff,” which will not fit in a family sedan. Suppose you don’t wish to make your round trip drive, lots of rental car agencies provide one way rentals without any additional charge.

When Car Renting Makes Any Sense for You

  • Your leased car is approaching the mileage limit, and lease doesn’t expire for next month. The lease penalties for the excessive mileage will range from $0.05 to $0.20 every mile. In place of taking 200 mile business tour in the leased car, and spend around $30 and rent car; basically it will pay for itself at offset excessive mileage.
  • You’re planning on selling 4 year old vehicle, but not till you come back from your family camping trip. Here in this instance you do not just have to consider miles you are forgoing, but additional wear & tear of driving on the back roads, which you can avoid.