What types of car parts are used by car companies for auto claims?

What types of car parts are used by car companies for auto claims?

If your car is in the wreck and you are planning for auto claims, it is good to know which parts of cars are best at getting the auto damage repairs. Car insurance is given mainly on three parts, the first being original equipment from the manufacturer, used parts, and aftermarket parts even in case of Used cars in Apex. The answer to the question of insurance claims depends on the type of parts that insurance company is providing on. Some of the different car parts available in the market are listed as under:

What are the things you need to check before buying a used car?

  1. OEM parts

OEMs are the brand-new parts in cars never used by manufacturers before and are expensive taking a longer time to reach. Many shops do not keep OEM parts as it costs a lot. Body shop repair people love OEM parts as these fit without any difficulty. Shops can make good profits while charging for OEM parts. Insurance companies are looking for ways to repair your car and get it onto the road.

Insurance companies try to keep their costs lower so they only pay for the OEM parts or have requested by the policy.

  1. Used parts

Used parts come from the junkyard and everything from engine trouble to bonnet change can come from junk just like in case of Used cars in Apex. Most parts of discarded vehicles are also good and these are the OEM parts used before. Insurance companies love putting used parts as they fit well and saving money becomes easy.

Used parts are not always an option as some car parts are hard to find. If used parts are a problem for you, you can request for OEM parts in the insurance claim.

  1. Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts are those other companies as well. These are new but not bought from your manufacturer. Good repair shops make use of aftermarket products and make cars look just as new. It is hassle-free and everyone likes these parts. Insurance companies do not have to make their hand dirty in the process.

If the aftermarket products would not have been used, then it would have made OEM parts sell at much higher prices. Standard insurance cover aftermarket and not OEM products.

Talk to Apex Imports for getting OEM parts and if you are not getting it, then check out insurance companies in finding out if the OEM part is possible for your vehicle.

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