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If you know these things about the “Big Boss” movie, you can’t wait to watch online

If you know these things about the “Big Boss” movie, you can’t wait to watch online

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Chiranjeevi, Roja, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vijayachander, Madhavi, Ali, Nirmalamma, Allu Ramalingaiah, Tanikella Bharani, Babu Mohan, etc.

Screenplay & Direction:VijayaBapineedu

Music: BappiLahari

Produced by: MagantiRavindranathChowdary on Shyam Prasad Arts


We know about the biggest hit of Chiranjeevi’s milestone movie Gang Leader. Gang Leader movie came with the highest successful combination of Hero Chiranjeevi and Director VijayaBapineedu. After the massive success of Gang Leader, the same hero and director came up with the movie Big Boss and the movie also succeeded at the box office. You can check this movie in aha.


Chiranjeevi and Raja starrer Big Boss movie came in 1995 from the production house of Sham Prasad Arts by MagantiRavindranathChowdary, who was the biggest producer in TFI. Roja was an upcoming heroine at that time, who gained fame with few movies. Let’s see the movie’s highlights, story, and reasons why to watch.

The story of the movie is of a youngster, Surendra (Chiranjeevi), arriving in a town for employment. He observes enmity between two mafia groups at that place. After a battle with a road goon, he is found by one group and motivated to turn into a gangster. He resides as a tenant in Madhavi’s home, who lives with her sister Roja and grandmother (Nirmalamma). Sometimes later, Roja falls in love with Surendra and proposes to him. Be that as it may, BavarajuSurendra gets questioned about his future, dismisses Roja’s proposal, and starts searching for matches for her. In the interim, his mom (Sujatha), a more youthful sibling, and sister move to his place and begin living with him. His mom stresses over his way of life and his future. At some point, she perceives Varadarajulu (Kota Srinivasa Rao), the opponent gangster, as the destroyer of her family. Kota seizes Surendra’s family, and how Surendra saves them and takes revenge on Varadarajulu is about the movie. 

Top reasons why to watch the “Big Boss” movie online:

One of the top reasons to watch the film is that it’s a Chiru’s mark heroic mass masala movie. The fans and audience, who expect necessary elements from Chiranjeevi’s movie, included all the things in it. Chiru’s mannerisms, dialogues, and fights are significant highlights in the movie. The screen presence of Chiranjeevi as Gangster was just fabulous.

Many fantastic movies like Khaidi No. 786 and Gang Leader came from the combination of Hero Chiranjeevi and Director Vijayabapineedu. The sequence of Hero and Director’s combo Big Boss movie came and got a massive response from the audience.

Vijayabapineedu portrayed the movie as a powerful mass entertainer. His taking and the way he filmed was terrific. Mainly, he molds a big star Chiranjeevi with his own way to show as he desired on the screen.

Roja’s screen presence and her funny attitude as pickpocketer in the movie gave some comedy with glamour. Her scenes combined with Nirmalamma were too funny. She spread her glamour in romantic scenes and songs well.

BappiLahari, who gave unforgettable music to Chiranjeevi’s movies again, gave fantastic tunes to Big Boss, too. The background music in emotional scenes and action sequences are superb. BappiLahari once again showed his mark in the songs like “MavaMava,” etc.

 Finally:  Big Boss is a mass masala entertainer filled with the mark of Chiranjeevi’s heroism and mannerisms, fights, songs, and dance, etc. This is worth watching movies online, which never wastes valuable time.

The latest OTT platforms provide many best movies online. The Aha OTT is different among all OTT platforms, as the firm came up with exclusive Telugu movies, which facilitate to watch Telugu movies online.

Instagram – Most Popular Social Network In The World

Instagram – Most Popular Social Network In The World

Freedom of expression is the fundamental right of every human being.

The quote above is well said. Every individual has a point of view that may be a very unique way of looking at any issue. Freedom of expression is good but any expression requires two people at least, one to speak and another to whom it is spoken. This is where the medium comes in, the Social media. Social networking is the most convenient and easiest ways of expressing our views, our social state, our mental state and communicating to people like us. There are many platforms that can get take us in front of the society like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. One of the most popular and recent social media platforms these days is Instagram.

About & History

 Established in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom and later bought by Facebook, Instagram is the heartthrob of many today. The popularity of Instagram can be sketched from the fact that it has more than 500 million daily active users and over 800 million active monthly users. Users got into Instagram in huge numbers within its initial days because of the new concept of social media attracted the attention of many. An amazing image sharing platform also supported curious photographers.


Instagram has always been ahead in terms of pushing awesome features to the users. Throughout the years they have added many features like stories that feature only for 24 hours. Instagram highlights are another feature where you can add your stories as a memory forever. There are various image filters, stickers, video filters, audio filters and much more that boosts the craze of Instagram to a new height. Several short video platforms came and went but Instagram remains the most popular among them despite not being totally a short video platform. This has rewritten the concept of social media platform totally by drawing in influencers and youths and by raising their voice to the whole world.

Instagram Likes And Followers- How Be An Influencer?


Today Instagram is being used by people of all age groups to share their life socially. Instagram like all social networking platforms is a place of mass discussions on various topics. People with various viewpoints present their views on posts on related topics. Content creators, artists and influencers move on to Instagram to connect with the common people. Major brands and companies join with their customers and potential customers to get their inputs and feedbacks. This is also a platform for many startups and brands to premiere their products and services to create popularity for their products and collect potential customers for them. Major News and media companies are also present on Instagram to update their followers within a single platform. Instagram has also become a revenue generator for social media influencers for promotion of various brands and products.


Although Instagram is a huge boon to the society being an open and free space for discussion on various issues about likes at It also has some negative effects on society. As we know Instagram has a wide reach among all age groups and the promotion of a wrong product on this platform may affect its inappropriate users.



The game:

          Digital games have been around for several decades now and they are here to stay. The demand for such video games is quite high and both the genders want to have a hand on experience playing the game. It is same situation with the young and the old alike. The way these games are played is very gripping that it never leaves you but make you come back for more. This helps you in ways such as it keeps you mind active all the time and is a very powerful way of having fun. Helping the fans of these games are the valorant hacks that will make sure that you are going to have the upper hand while playing these games.

Check the facts;

valorant aimbot

  • The games are very interesting and it is difficult put it down.
  • It is now possible to enter into the game from outside and get the players to experience disturbance during the course of the game.
  • The players have also experience the crossing of the wall and the brand is thinking of banning these hacks so that they do not interfere in the game of the others.
  • There are chances that the players will move up in the game as and when they start winning the games step by step until they reach the level of the valorant.

The use of valorant hacks has been noticed by the brand and steps have been taken to check the situation.

Tips for condominium maintenance

Tips for condominium maintenance

As we all know, today the many people are showing interest in living in condos as it tends to have all the essential amenities needed for their luxurious lifestyle. The most important thing while considering the condominium culture is they should be maintained in the most appropriate way. There are many things which are to be noted in order to ensure the comfortable and secured living. Some of the most important tips which is to be concentrated during the condominium maintenance are revealed in this article.


As the atmosphere is full of minute dust particles and since the pollution in air is also increasing to a greater extent, the chances of dust deposition will be higher. Obviously all these dust particles may also cause allergy and other hygiene related issues. Hence cleaning them properly is more important in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. While considering condominium there will be more dust deposits in doors, windows, play area and in other related places. All these places should be cleaned in routine in order to keep it dust free.

 Potential Property

Quality check

This is another important thing which is to be done while considering the maintenance of condos. The pipeline, electric wires, fire alarm and other related aspects should be checked more frequently. In case if they are any minute issue, it should be fixed immediately without any delay. The well certified experts should be hired in order to fix the issues without any kind of risk. Doing all the checks frequently will help in improving the overall quality of the condominium,

Hire house manager

Obviously the people who are living for rent or the people who are the owners of the condos may not have enough time to concentrate on maintenance. It may be very hard for them to concentrate on these factors throughout the year. In such case, they can remain stress free by handing over the responsibility to the агенция софия домоуправите. The house managers will take care of maintenance and other administration activities. They will work in team in order to improve the overall quality of the condos. Even in case of any technical issues or plumbing issues, they will act immediately and will fix the problem on time without putting the residents into any kind of trouble. This will also let the residents to be stress free. This is the reason why today almost all the condominiums tend to hire the house managers.

Different ways to borrow money

Different ways to borrow money

Almost all the people will be in need of financial help in certain point of their life. In such case, they will come forward to borrow money from the lenders. Once if they have decided to borrow money, they tend to have more options to choose from. Some of the most common way for borrowing money which is highly followed in current trend is revealed in this article.


Obviously this is the traditional way for borrowing money which is being followed right from the initial days. The banks can provide different types of loans depending upon the needs and requirements of the lenders. But the most unfortunate thing about borrowing loan from bank is they will consume more time for approving the loan and one must also overcome several procedures for get their loan granted.

to know about the different methods if they want to apply for a corporate loan.

Online lenders

This can be the best solution for the people who don’t want to get stressed to a greater extent. The online lenders will approve the amount through online and will transfer the money to the account of the borrower. Thus, the borrowers can get their loan approved without moving out of their home.

This will be a great boon for the people who are struggling under financial emergency. In order to stay away from the risks and unwanted risks, one can choose licensed moneylender. That is these are the professionals who are properly approved by the Government for lending money to the people who are really in need of instant financial help.

Groom your pets with the best

Groom your pets with the best

Adopting a pet and watching it grow every day is extremely fun. Today, pet lovers are increasing rapidly and people are open-minded and ready to face the challenge of having a pet in their homes. As it is already known, owning a pet is equal to taking care of a baby. We should give proper pet food, maintain its weight, body, skin, play with it, and give it regular vaccine and medicines so that there are no health issues with it. What people must understand is the method in which they get the pet.

There are many places where pet animals such as dogs and cats are sold. They might not have given proper medication to the animals which will become a huge issue later. So it is very important to adopt a dog or cat from recognized organizations. Also, keeping a pet requires an enormous amount of patience. There are many mobile pet grooming Davie FL services given in society. People can visit them and make their dogs and cats have a new look.

pet grooming pembroke pines

What do they do?

The mobile pet grooming davie fl helps the pet owners to groom their pets. They provide the best results that might not be possible with self-grooming techniques. They deliver the pet grooming services at your doorstep. This is to ensure that there is no need for people to come out in these challenging times. They do not use any harmful chemicals that would create any kind of inconvenience to the pet animals. Every product they use is pet-friendly and provides services as per the requirement from their clients.

Easy Options with Bitcoin Trading

Easy Options with Bitcoin Trading

One simple options exchanging technique is to utilize a security called a bitcoin exchange. In spite of the fact that this kind of agreement is exchanged uniquely on a set number of protections it offers a few points of interest over conventional exchanges, including lower capital prerequisites, shorter holding period, and a high fixed yield. In the present market, no doubt this kind of simple options exchanging is perfect given the market’s current low yields, high instability, and tight capital accessibility.

Very High Yields Attract Investors

The holding time frame pace of profit for a bitcoin contract is commonly around 70%, contingent upon the agent and security. Yield goes up significantly for longer span contracts where a spread is included. Incredibly retail handles don’t normally work a spread on the everyday or hourly termination protections, taking into consideration zero exchange costs. With ease and exceptional yield prospects even insignificant top speculators can figure out how to bring in cash quick and simple utilizing them.

Zero Transaction Cost and Low Capital Requirements Open Markets for Retail Investors

No spread or commission on a run of the mill venture implies the cash required to acquire a not too bad degree of profitability isn’t vigorously hampered by expenses the manner in which a standard exchange would be. Most retail financiers offer these simple options exchanging contracts parcels as little as thirty dollars and a base beginning store of only one hundred dollars. Take a stab at bringing in cash with online stock or option venture with only a hundred bucks at a typical record. The obstacle exchange costs are simply excessively high.

Short Holding Period Brings Fast Results

One of the other alluring highlights of the bitcoin agreement is the term of the exchange, which generally is as meager as an hour to up to a day or seven days. A forceful individual can give their capital four to multiple times in an allowed day with the chance to bring in cash with each progressive capital turn. The fixed short holding time frame alleviates the speculator of the weight of choosing when to sell – as these European style option terminations are intended to be held to development – a low upkeep method of giving your cash something to do for a short measure of time and earn bitcoin free.

One of the disadvantages to this kind of contributing is the predetermined number of accessible bitcoins. Then again it is a minimal effort, relentless, exceptional yield method of partaking in the financial exchange. Since the exchanges lapse hourly and have a basic up or down payout structure, they are less complex to understand than different kinds of options exchanging frameworks. Perceive how a bitcoin exchanging framework with only two effective $200 ventures for every day can net you $300 in benefit every day.

Without Waiting Gain More Likes And Benefits In Short Time

Without Waiting Gain More Likes And Benefits In Short Time

Users who are having more followers for their profile also could not give a guarantee that in a short time they will get a huge number of likes related to their followers count. But if they choose a package of automatic instagram likes, they could receive more likes in a short time based on their package. So to get more likes for the posts instead of waiting for a long time and believing the followers, the Instagram user can buy the right package.

After buying an automatic instagram likes package for the profile, they don’t wait to get more likes. In a short time, they will receive more likes if they purchased an auto-like package as it is generated automatically.

Without Waiting Gain More Likes And Benefits In Short Time

Either it is a weekly package or monthly package, after updating a post in their profile they will get more likes in a few moments. As the like’s counts are getting increased faster than increased by getting the likes from the followers, the benefit level also be increased faster than the normal way.

While buying a package, the likes count will be increased automatically using a tool. So there will be no delay in improving the likes count and attracting the users through likes count. If the user could gain more benefits by getting more likes, then they can buy the auto likes package without any doubts. If they waited for getting more likes from their followers, in addition, they have to wait for the profits through the likes count. But if they purchased an auto-like package they don’t have to wait a long time for the likes and the benefits.

Essential tips and tricks for the Rust players

Essential tips and tricks for the Rust players

People are now more fascinated by playing online video games. All the games come with different themes, and so players would like to try all kind of games. The games designed with different levels, surviving in the game world of Rust is a difficult task. To complete the game successfully, players prefer to use rust hacks for the long survival in rust game. The following tips help the players to take the right action on gameplay.

Follow tutorial:

It is recommended to follow the in-game tutorial. If you are a newbie of the game but familiar with the game you might skip up some essential tutorials without taking up. When you first start as a character, you will receive a task to gather some basic tools, building a campfire, harvesting wood and stone. So, follow the tutorial and gather essential items.

Sleeping bag:

The sleeping bag is one of the precious items in the rust gameplay, you able to find yourself if you die or exit the game. Leaving your sleeping bag at the right place is predominant to make your first camp.

Rust players

Don’t become an easy target for your enemies by placing a bag near the beach, it is advised to put the bag away from the beach. Pop it down somewhere that you will remember or else take the screenshot for the future reference.

Killing animals:

In rust game, you have nor to look out for other players. Several dangerous animals are roaming, and you need to protect yourself. For killing an animal, one of the easiest ways is to use a hunting bow. By killing an animal, you will get the great resources to move further in the gameplay. It is not that much easy to kill animals since they run away faster. For the perfect shot, you can use rust hacksto get maximum yields.

Easy ways to find a car in Dubai

Easy ways to find a car in Dubai

It is important to think about the transportationabilities of the car in a new place. Because it decides the ability to enjoy the hassle free transportation and you can reach nay place within a short period of time during a time of need. Because when it is a business strip, the most important thing about the punctuality and thus is achieved when you can find a SUV rental in Dubai thus making your tour mare comfortable.

Easy Schedules

It is important to take a note about the bus timings or the train timings in the new place. But if you have acar for yourself, there is no need to keep an account about the time.

Learn the Reasons to rent a car in Dubai

This is going to spoil your mood for exploring the new place and this is a very good option for the travellers in a new place. So it is the right time to find SUV rental in Dubai in order to enjoy the places without any problem in time.

Money is saved

By the help of renting a car you can book your accommodation in the outskirts of the city. So your money is saved in reducing the accommodation fee in the hotels and it is easy to reach the city centre in a short period. You can be free form the hustles and bustles of the city life. So you can enjoy a calm sleep by the help of renting careven though you may think that there is no connectionbetween your car and the sleep.