Web Security and Protection: How to Hide Your IP Address?

Web Security and Protection: How to Hide Your IP Address?

When talking about the web, there are thousands of attackers, fraudsters, scammers, and malicious threat that are hungry for your confidential information. They’ll do everything they can just to get this valuable information of yours for their despicable interest.

Technically speaking, hiding your IP address is simple and easy if you know which tools or methods you’ll be using. If you’re a casual web user that wants to hide your IP to get access to location-blocked sites, to be anonymous, protect your confidential information and data, keep on reading.

IP Address: What is it?

The internet or also known as interconnected networks is a system that requires to establish solid communication between networks. The Internet Protocol (IP) is the main technology that is responsible for the internet connection. IP duties are to define, structure, and deliver information to the packets from point A to point B.

IP addresses are the system identifiers, it serves as your network identification. Below are the example of some valid IP addresses:

  • 45.67.89
  • 8.8.8 – Google
  • 247.224.81 – Harvard University

Every device, systems, and applications that connect to the internet has its own unique address. All of your laptops, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and your printer have different unique IP addresses.

The IP addresses are sensitive and confidential information as this can pinpoint the exact location of the systems they are located with. If someone knows your IP address, he/she will know where you currently residing at, so don’t let anyone steal or know your IP address for your security.

Hide Your IP Address Using Online Proxy Servers

Proxy servers act as a bridge in between you and the internet. It connects your information packets to desired web request while changing the exact appearance as they pass through the proxy.

free proxyTo put it simply, Online proxy interrupts your internet traffic and take the lead of your internet connection. Everything you do on the web, your searches, the results, and so on will only be repeated by the proxy servers, it is just a mirror. The website you want to access will think that the proxy is your internet traffic.

One of the many advantages of proxy servers is that you can connect from the different server all over the world. Besides, proxy servers are very efficient and reliable it can also bypass location-restricted webpages or even IP restrictions. It’ll also keep your original IP address hidden, then will change your IP address for public viewing.

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