Some unique and thoughtful gifting ideas for the knitters

Some unique and thoughtful gifting ideas for the knitters

Knitting is for everyone, not only for the elderly. Knitters are known to be great gift creators themselves, from knitting scarves to the soft sweaters they can knit everything on their own. So, when it comes to gifting something to them it requires a lot of thinking as it has to be perfect and something useful. To help you out and to make your work easy, here are some unique gifts for knitters of all ages.

Gifting ideas for knitters of all ages


  • The Latest knitting book- Look for the latest knitting book that has a collection of all the top-notch designs. There are plenty of modern knitting books on the internet that you can gift to someone who loves knitting or is a professional knitter.
  • Shelf or a craft organizer- One of the essential things that a knitter requires but doesn’t have it the craft organizer. The organizer is a shelf that saves one from the hassles of storing knitting stuff. Knitting tools to strings everything can be stored in the craft organizer. A basic organizer has six shelves which make it possible to prioritize things. A craft organizer is great for a new knitter on the block.
  • A knitting Wrist bag- With a knitting wrist bag a knitter can carry his/her knitting project anywhere. This bag can store everything from the knitting project to the needles and the small scissor. It also has an additional pocket to store the extra knitting supplies while travelling or commuting.
  • Knitting needles set- Knitters love their knitting needles, no matter how many of them they own. A Knitting needle set contains nine knitting needles, with cords to increase the length. It also has markers, end caps, cord case, and cord keys. The latest knitting needles set has needles that come in different colours, making it look quite appealing to the eyes.
  • A mug Hugger- Knitting is a long process and knitters do require a tea or coffee break in between their knitting hours. So, gifting a mug hugger that looks like a sweater is a great gifting option. It keeps the coffee or tea warm especially in the winters. Moreover having a hugger attached to the mug also prevents the hand from burning while holding a hot mug of coffee or tea. It looks cute and is a unique gift for the knitters.
  • A bamboo knitting set- Bamboo is being widely used by a lot of knitters around the globe as it helps in maintaining a tight grip than the metal needles. The bamboo knitting needles are widely used in the US as they reduce the errors and are great for those who are just beginning with knitting.
  • A stitch counter- Having a stitch counter helps in keeping a track of the stitches, especially if you are watching the TV and knitting. A counter conveniently keeps a track of the stitches; it is one of the best gifts for knitters.
  • The yarn bowls- Yarn bowls look great in a knitter’s home. They help in displaying the yarns properly and as well as in showing the work that is in progress. Knitters love their yarn bowls and can never have enough of them.
  • Personalized knitting needles- Bamboo needles are eco-friendly and useful, also these needles can be personalized to be given as gifts. You can personalize them with your loved one’s name or a message that you would like to give them. It is a great way of showing your love for that person and his hobby.
  • A knitter’s tote bag- Another thing that you can gift your knitter friend is a knitter’s tote bag that can store bundles of yarn, needles and different patterns. The knitter’s tote bag is great while travelling as it can carry all the essential knitting stuff.
  • The yarn winder- Dealing with yarn can be quite messy at times. A yarn winder helps in organizing the yarn, which in turn saves a lot of time and energy.

These are some of the unique gift ideas for knitters that can be used. Most of these ideas have something to do with knitting, which is the basic idea. All of the gifts mentioned above can be easily found at on any of the gifting websites.

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