Red envelopes – everything to know about

Red envelopes – everything to know about

A red envelope is nothing but a long, narrow envelope in red color. These envelopes are traditionally decorated with Chinese characters like wealth and happiness in gold.

Nowadays, these envelopes are designed with flowers, cartoon characters and many forms. They are given as gifts for corporate events and other special days. It contains compliments like coupons, gifts and money sometimes.

Employees of an organization may also get these red packets which are tucked with bonus salaries and other cash prizes. They can be also offered as gifts for wedding and birthdays in order to wish them goodies.  Visit this site, to buy them online.

The red envelopes are red in color because this color indicates good fortune or luck in Chinese culture. Due to this reason, they are used during specious days to greet everyone. There are envelops that come in white which are used for funerals.

red packets

Giving and receiving red envelopes is a solemn act and so, they should be offered and get with both hands and if one use single hand, when it will be considered as impoliteness.

This card should not be opened in front of the people who offer them and if do this, it will be so disrespectful. One should express thanks and greet the giver once they have received these cards with a pleasing tone. If you want to gift moon box, then go through this  website.

The amount of money one put in to this envelope is totally based on the event or the situation. While coming to money, you should not keep money that starts with four as; it is considered as the symbol of death.

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