What to look for when living in an apartment with a service in Singapore?

What to look for when living in an apartment with a service in Singapore?

Serviced Apartments is a residence accessible to travelers from all over the world, whether they receive short- or long-term accommodation. These serviced apartments in Singapore can be rented for a short term of one or two weeks or for a short term of one month / year. Each time you rent a house to visit Singapore, you can pay a fixed price for a spacious room that has rooms for everyone, connected bathrooms, toilets, a fully equipped kitchenette with cooking area, an oven for grill, dishwasher, fridge, microwave and oven. A number of serviced apartments in Singapore also offer fitness equipment or even a gym in a sophisticated condominium.


In serviced apartment somerset in Singapore with services range from one-bedroom apartments to two-bedroom apartments for a specific person, couple or for the whole family. A wide range of apartments with services includes services that, in principle, cannot be compared with each other, such as equipment for the production of coffee or tea, high-speed network service, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, a hairdryer, everything for the family. personal use during your departure to Singapore.

Please note that weekly cleaning service apartments in Singapore. You will be responsible for changing sheets and washing towels every day. If you need daily cleaning, you should spend it. It is better to constantly inform the manager in the service department about what had broken upon his arrival, and about everything that could have been broken by the time he left. Keep in mind that although you can enjoy your stay in a serviced apartment in Singapore, you should often treat your apartment the same way you would your own home.

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