Right Star Ceiling

Having a room full of stars on your ceiling conjure images of kid’s rooms and nurseries, but no more! The star scapes, fiber optics, ceiling murals, and glow in dark stars ceiling have transitioned decor applications in the media rooms, bedrooms, lounges, and spas. Here, we will help you select the right style that suits your vision of the indoor star ceiling.

Applications Of Star Ceiling

The common applications of the star ceiling generally happen in the bedrooms or media rooms. Some other uses will include built out basements, dens, and nurseries and children’s rooms.  Suppose you wish to explore your star ceiling concepts, questions are many. What type to choose? How much it can cost? How long it will take to install and paint it? Are there any pros or cons of star ceiling and many more?

Applications Of Star Ceiling

Here are star ceiling applications:

  • Mural glow in dark painted ceiling
  • Mural painted ceiling
  • Fiber optic ceiling or sky scape
  • Pre-designed star ceiling panels

Ceiling Murals

They glow in dark and include the realistic comet. You may paint your star ceiling with normal and glow in a dark paint. You can drill holes straight in your ceiling & feed fiber optics from the holes.  The good quality glow will be tough to find and can be expensive. There are many artists who can paint the realistic ceiling mural with the best quality glow in dark paint. You can achieve the desired look or you can take help of the professional.