Root Canal: What You Need to Know  

Root Canal: What You Need to Know  

Root canal treatment is one of the most common reasons for dental emergency consultation. If you have a broken or infected tooth, it no longer has vitality and dies. This results in damage to the pulp chamber that can lead to pulpal mortification. If, before, dentists were obliged to perform a tooth extraction, they can now proceed to a root canal to save the tooth that suffers from this pulpal mortification. But what does it consist of and to whom is such treatment intended?

The root canal is divided into several sessions

A dike to protect the tooth

Several sessions at the dentist or endodontist (a specialist who treats the inside of the tooth) are required for the realization of the root canal treatment. The process begins with the protection of the tooth against bacteria in the saliva by installing a thin rubber dam around the tooth.

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Requiring the use of local root canal specialist Singapore  anesthesia, this step continues with an incision in the tooth, which provides access to the pulp chamber and the root system. In this way, the dentist can remove dead or infected tissue, clean the canal, enlarge it and shape it to facilitate filling.

Generally, these actions are performed with motorized instruments, but the dentist or endodontist may also use manual endodontic files to scrape the inner surface of the pulpal channels. Irrigation is also performed using a chemical disinfectant.

If these issues are not extracted, there is a risk of infection of the cells surrounding the root of the tooth, resulting in increased inflammation and pain. Also, the dentist or endodontist can, at this time, promote the elimination of bacteria through the introduction of certain drugs in the pulp chamber and the root canal.

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