The Best Batman Action Figures and Accessories

The Best Batman Action Figures and Accessories

What we generally consider in toys is a matter of opinions. If you like playing with a stick, it eventually becomes a toy. Talking about action figures are some things that we more or less agree on, even if it something random nowadays how you can differentiate Batman figures from dolls. Even with how much the requirements and market have changed, there are still some companies who are crazy enough to make amazing action figures.

So, looking over the list of accessories and toys as a whole this year, an established theme seems to be that is a little pricey. But, what to do when the price is not an issue?  Well, then the manufacturer will just make about anything and charge whatever it talks, and if a person wants to buy one, then he will buy regardless of the charges.

Batman from the house of Barbie

There is a reason that Batman is one of the most adored pieces of the toy after the mego figures from the 70’s. The toys with decent detachable features that is very hard to find when you are looking for Batman figures that come with both good looks and on and off options.

Talking from the manufacturer’s point of view, the problem in getting the right material which is thin enough and something that does not tear up easily and using just a normal plastic for action figured is not easy.

The manufacturers, however, have a better handle on various clothing materials. This year, the brand Barbie somehow managed to pull off a Batman V Superman action figure that looked quite decent with mask and without a mask. In fact, it did make several buyers of superhero figure to suddenly realize that maybe they should not be gender specific when it comes to such type of toys.

The Animated Series Batwing

It is kind of unbelievable that these action figures even exist. This isa7 inches scale figures that do not generally get vehicles and if they do, the scale somehow gets cheated because who has at the room for all this stuff? And yet the marvel collectors went a little ahead and made a batwing from an animated series which is over 3 feet long and comes with a Batman figure that also has light up features.

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