Unique Family Adventures in Kenya-From the Bush to the Coast

Unique Family Adventures in Kenya-From the Bush to the Coast

Kids are a delight and you get to realize this once you step to the juxtaposed sights-to-see and activities in Kenya. It is the kind of destination you do not travel without your kids. In fact, Jose Morinho, the “special one” and the world renown football manager visits the coast of Kenya occasionally with family, presumably in agreement that the activities the bush and the coast provide are one of a kind and for the entire family.

Maasai adventures in the wild with your kids is the kind of experience that will make your children look at you, raise a cup of the best renown Kenyan tea and proclaim “this is Africa”. Those who know the Kenyan bush start family adventures there before they finish the vacation or holiday at the coast in Mombasa where the best beach in Africa calls home. However, even before you proclaim your love for the beach and the activities for kids that come with it, the bush beckons.

The Great Migration

There are many things to see in the Kenyan bush in over five game parks and game reserves, extensive wild areas that make a zoo look like a sick joke. However, the jewel of all bush activities is the great migration that draws adults and kids from China, Europe, North America and virtually all over the globe to a spectacle deemed one of the few remaining wonders of nature. Every year, zebras and wildebeests migrate across the Maasai Mara and Serengeti, millions of  them, in search of water and good grazing grounds.

It takes place every year and your kids will never forget the drama with the wildebeests, as they watch, first hand, huge predators like the fiery lion and the agile Cheetah make a feast out of the juicy migrators. Across the river the long, strong teeth of the crocodiles await, tearing the flesh of the migrators. It is a rare chance that only happens in Africa and presidents far and beyond are known to come with their kids and spouses to enjoy the games of the Mara in a world class migration. You will give kids a chance to have their senses assaulted as they learn why nature, especially wild game, must be protected.

The Coast

From the wild, with stopovers in Nairobi National Park and other ranches and parks in between, take the kids to the coast, where the sun, crystal clear waters and great activities blend into one thick trail of fun. The coast of Mombasa is a region well spread with white sand beaches for the growing sunbathers, snorkeling, diving (to watch the most spectacular safe marine waters) and swimming. There is an International airport as well to ensure those who do not want to go upcountry remain on the coast and contrast different cultures, from African, Arabic, Portuguese and the increasing numbers of tourists.

Kids luxury

The luxurious accommodations at the coast are extremely spacious, ideal for jumpy kids as you take breathtaking views of the sprawling Indian Ocean full of kids and families engaging in all sorts of activities. The beaches, private and public, offer kids the chance to create their own fun activities.

Accessible delights

Since the coast is only three hours from the Masai Mara where the Great Migration blends into great camping adventures for the whole family, you can combine the beach and the bush amazingly and with ease. In fact, tour companies do this seamlessly and you only need to throw a quick look as your kids get the adventure of their life. The coast has its own share of parks, such as the serene and picturesque Halle Park, and the majestic Mombasa Marine National Park.

Apart from international cuisines made by some of the world’s renown chefs, the restaurants come with assorted local cuisines and tastes that your kids will take home with. Food and accommodation are some of the most affordable in the world and you can let your kids test their measured adrenaline with Karting activities at the Mombasa Motorsport Arena.

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