What basically is the job of a bodyguard?

A bodyguard is responsible for the personal security of individuals such as political figures, famous celebrities, business executives, and others who may be vulnerable to personal attacks. Bodyguards accompany their clients to public events and escort them on their daily activities. The body guards investigate the backgrounds of those who will have contact with their client, organise travel routes, pre-search rooms or buildings or vehicles for potential threat, and conduct security checks.

The job of a bodyguard can be quite rewarding, but it is not as glamorous as many people believe. Even while bodyguards are sometimes exposed to wonderful lives and may also get to travel widely depending on the client, at the end of the day, it is about safeguarding someone’s life, not having fun.

International bodyguard services

  • Bodyguards can work alone or as part of a security team and are trained to intervene and defend their clients in any scenario when there is a potential of harassment or attack. They defend governmental officials, affluent persons, and celebrities from kidnapping, assassination, harassment, theft, assault, and loss of confidential information, threats, and other criminal offences.
  • Bodyguards are taught to respond fast in emergency situations and to make quick choices and modifications. They stay close to their customers at all times, keep an eye on their surroundings, and keep strangers at a safe distance.
  • The body guards will carefully assess the circumstances before entering a building or a public gathering place and will know the best way out if there is a problem. Bodyguards are sometimes responsible for driving their clients to and from events, and they must carefully arrange travel routes to ensure that their clients arrive and leave places safely.
  • This profession might vary drastically depending on who the client is. Bodyguards defending high-risk clients will be searching automobiles for IEDs, bombs, potential shooters, and so forth. A bodyguard escorting a celebrity being chased by photographers and fans, will focus on keeping a safe distance and blocking the route of anyone getting too aggressive towards their client.
  • Bodyguards may work for public or private organisations, as well as for private persons. Clients may include celebrities, prominent personalities, chiefs of industry, or monarchy. Bodyguards may act as part of a larger close protection team alongside additional professionals, or they may provide solitary services. Long day, night, or weekend shifts may be required while operating as part of a 24-hour security team.